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If you are wearing the Gemstone for some Astrological purpose, then you must follow some procedure before wearing it. No matter how fine quality Gem you wear, sometimes the desired results are not achieved. The answer is quite simple, proper way is not followed. To get maximum Astro benefit from the Vedic gemstones, a proper procedure is followed which in Sanskrit is called 'VIDHI', therefore to get full results one should always keep in mind the following points which varies for different Gems:
The gemstone should be real, certified, always buy it from a reliable source.
It should be studded in the right metal. e.g.: Gold for Yellow Sapphire.
It should be worn in the correct finger; each finger represents a particular planet. e.g.: index finger for yellow Sapphire.
It should be worn on the particular day of the planet. e.g.: Ruby is worn on Sundays
The proper time of the particular planet called "Lagan" is to be followed.
The gemstone should be purified by adopting proper purifying procedure, so that the negative energy is removed completely and the gem is charged fully with positive energy.
The 'Mantra Jaap' of the concerned planet should be recited.
Amitabachan wearing two blue sapphire in the middle finger. Lalu Prasad Yadv wearing a Ruby Lata Mangeshkar with a Emerald Ring. Hollywood star Angelina with Emerald.
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