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Online Authentication - Digital Certificates
Each REAL STONE certified real Gemstone passes through strict quality controls and extra care is taken right from physical analysis, till final packing of the Gemstone. A unique Real Stone Identification Number (RSIN) is issued for every gem which can be seen on the packing box and real time certificate (hard copy of certificate).
To give extra security a Twin Certification System is followed, in addition to hard copy certificates for all gems, a digital certificate is also issued, which can be accessed with the help of Gem Authenticate System (GAS) on Internet.
What is Gem Authenticate System - GAS?
To provide online Digital Certification and Authenticate the originality of the gemstones certified and packed by the company, Real Stone Laboratories has developed a Hi-Tech System - Gem Authenticate System - GAS. The GAS is the most secure & latest technology to authenticate the originality of the Real Gemstone.
How GAS Works?
The working of GAS is very Hi-tech. Each gemstone is issued a unique RSIN – Real Stone Identification Number, when it is packed. This number is printed on the packing of the gemstone. ‘go to top of any page of' and write the RSIN in the form field and click Authenticate My Gem. You will be taken to another page where the digital certificate of your Gemstone can be seen. Here you can match all the parameters of your gem.
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